A Few Of My Recent Cakes….

These are just a few of my cakes from the past few months, I love the ‘Hive’ cake which is based on a Disney cartoon. I also like the skittles cake, the Frank Sinatra cake and the Ironman cake. I had fun making all of these, the more simple looking ones are funnily the harder … Continue reading

Chocolate Brownies Recipe Mmmmmmmm

I made these chocolate brownies the other day and they are soooo good, so good that I can’t make them anymore for the fear of getting fat as I actually couldn’t stop myself from eating them! Doh. I put some in cupcake cases to see how they turned out! They were a bit over done but I think … Continue reading

Scary Bat Halloween Cupcake Tutorial

I made some fun cupcakes for Halloween this year. I made a Spider, Bat, Pumpkin, Witches hat, Ghost and Werewolf. I thought I’d share how I made the Bat and give you a tutorial. The parts marked in orange and the things you need to prepare the day before. Here’s what you will need: Bat Chocolate Fondant … Continue reading

Beautiful Blue

For today’s cupcakes I went with blue, which I think looks lovely with brown and white. I made all the flowers and butterflies to decorate them then sprayed my silver spray on them which can make such a difference. I think these would look lovely at a wedding, you could change the colours to match … Continue reading