Baking Maid’s Monthly Offers on Facebook

Our prices are as listed on here but every now and then I will put offers on our Facebook page . Have a look and give it a ‘like’ and you will be updated every time there is an offer! Two boxes of six for £15 is the offer for June on selected cupcake designs. You can also … Continue reading

This weeks orders at Baking Maid’s

I had an order for a choir group at church this week for a friend, nothing particular was required so I made three new designs. It’s nice when I know people trust me to make decisions for them! I usually get idea’s as I’m making the cakes so having that bit of freedom usually results in better cakes. … Continue reading

Party Bag Cupcake Box

Ever get bored of trying to find bits and pieces for party bags every year? Especially if your child is older, it’s hard to find anything decent with out spending to much. How about giving out beautifully decorated cupcakes in individual boxes in place of party bags! Blue ones for boys and pink ones for girls, or what ever you would … Continue reading

Wind up F1 Cupcakes

I have been asked to make some Mclaren cupcakes for the F1, the reason being to wind up a mate!! Now I don’t know anything about the F1 but I’m guessing one of the guys doesn’t support Mclaren and they know this will wind him up as a bit of a joke. So what will … Continue reading