A Few Of My Recent Cakes….

These are just a few of my cakes from the past few months, I love the ‘Hive’ cake which is based on a Disney cartoon. I also like the skittles cake, the Frank Sinatra cake and the Ironman cake. I had fun making all of these, the more simple looking ones are funnily the harder … Continue reading

Chocolate Brownies Recipe Mmmmmmmm

I made these chocolate brownies the other day and they are soooo good, so good that I can’t make them anymore for the fear of getting fat as I actually couldn’t stop myself from eating them! Doh. I put some in cupcake cases to see how they turned out! They were a bit over done but I think … Continue reading

Ironman Cake by Bakingmaid

This is a recent Ironman cake, the cake itself was green with buttercream and jam, this was the little boys favourite owwww. I made the Ironman from fondant/sugarpaste in advance to give him time to dry properly, it was important for his arm to hold outwards like that. No dowels or picks were used except … Continue reading

Making Wood with Fondant

Today I tried out making a wood effect plank with fondant/sugar-paste. It is actually quite easy and a great idea to put on a large cake, of course you could make mini ones too. I will personalize them by pipping names and messages on them. To make the brown I used ivory food colour gel with a tiny … Continue reading

This weeks orders at Baking Maid’s

I had an order for a choir group at church this week for a friend, nothing particular was required so I made three new designs. It’s nice when I know people trust me to make decisions for them! I usually get idea’s as I’m making the cakes so having that bit of freedom usually results in better cakes. … Continue reading

This weeks orders at Baking Maid’s

This week has been a gift box week! I got to make my cookie monster cupcakes again which I’ve been dying to do, and the strawberry cupcakes which are my favourite as they are so pretty. I also made some 30th Birthday cupcakes which had hand made fondant 30’s on top.   There is also a picture here of … Continue reading