Chocolate Brownies Recipe Mmmmmmmm

I made these chocolate brownies the other day and they are soooo good, so good that I can’t make them anymore for the fear of getting fat as I actually couldn’t stop myself from eating them! Doh. I put some in cupcake cases to see how they turned out! They were a bit over done but I think … Continue reading


Well, a cake suitable for boys and men! If you have a husband with an xbox I’m sure you will have heard of the phrase ‘xbox widow’ I am one of these from time to time! This cake was actually for a boy but I find it difficult to come up with unusual ideas for men! Girls … Continue reading

Ironman Cake by Bakingmaid

This is a recent Ironman cake, the cake itself was green with buttercream and jam, this was the little boys favourite owwww. I made the Ironman from fondant/sugarpaste in advance to give him time to dry properly, it was important for his arm to hold outwards like that. No dowels or picks were used except … Continue reading

Skittles (cake) anyone??

I was asked to make a skittle cake for a birthday which I assumed was going to be a cake with skittles on until I realised they were wanting an actual skittles packet! An unusual request but such fun to make, I decided to make the newest packet design which I think is the best … Continue reading

Scary Bat Halloween Cupcake Tutorial

I made some fun cupcakes for Halloween this year. I made a Spider, Bat, Pumpkin, Witches hat, Ghost and Werewolf. I thought I’d share how I made the Bat and give you a tutorial. The parts marked in orange and the things you need to prepare the day before. Here’s what you will need: Bat Chocolate Fondant … Continue reading

Baking Maid’s Monthly Offers on Facebook

Our prices are as listed on here but every now and then I will put offers on our Facebook page . Have a look and give it a ‘like’ and you will be updated every time there is an offer! Two boxes of six for £15 is the offer for June on selected cupcake designs. You can also … Continue reading

This weeks orders at Baking Maid’s

I had an order for a choir group at church this week for a friend, nothing particular was required so I made three new designs. It’s nice when I know people trust me to make decisions for them! I usually get idea’s as I’m making the cakes so having that bit of freedom usually results in better cakes. … Continue reading

Don’t Under Estimate a Cupcake Case

In a world where image is everything, cupcakes don’t escape this! If you spend all your time creating a beautiful masterpiece, decorating the top to perfection but you have used a bad quality case you will be more than just annoyed when it starts to fall away from the sides. There are many cooking errors … Continue reading