Playful Colourful Cakes

Playful Colourful Cakes

Party and Gift Idea’s

Giant cupcake decorating
This is a great idea for parties of any kind! Even adults. Let me do the messy part, I will bake and frost the cake then you will get to do the fun bit!

Individual cupcake boxes for party bags
How about a beautifully decorated cupcake to go with your party theme in it’s own box to give instead of party bags! It always get the wow factor.

Giant cupcake birthday cakes
Maybe you would like something a bit different for your cake! A giant cupcake would be a lovely center piece and the talk of the party.

Bridesmaid gifts 
How about a lovely elegant ivory wedding cupcake to give to your beautiful bridesmaids! A sure hit for the little ones.

Edible photo cakes
Personal or for business, these always add a personal touch! You can add an icing photo or chocolate photo’s to cakes or cupcakes.
Be creative, be fun!


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