A Nice Variety of Cakes This Week – Exmouth

These are some of this weeks cakes, I have had a range of designs which I love. The quilt effect I did on the Hello Kitty cake for someone in East Budleigh was my favourite! I think the cake would have looked lovely on it’s own just with the quilting.

The Bright coloured cake had six different coloured layers inside which I haven’t seen yet (she is going to send me a picture) and was decorated as colourfully as possible, with an added pig! I love how customers come up with their own quirky idea’s. This was for a lady in Exmouth.

The weird creepy doll cake was an idea inspired by a movie I’d seen, I Particularly like doing these cakes as I love all things weird, creepy and goth.

Here are the finished products 🙂

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Cakes and Cupcakes in Exmouth and surrounding area’s


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