Halloween Cupcake Tutorials – Six Different Designs

I made some fun cupcakes for Halloween last year. I chose a Spider, Bat, Pumpkin, Witches hat, Ghost and Werewolf. I thought I’d share how I made them and give you a tutorial.

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The parts marked in orange and the things you need to prepare the day before.

Here’s what you will need:

Black sugar
Butter cream
Royal Icing
Bat wing template
Piping bag and small round nozzle

Witches hat
Sugar cones
Round cutter
Food colouring

Extra cake
Butter cream
Large round cutter

Butter cream frosting
Orange and lemon sprinkles
Royal Icing
Greaseproof paper
Piping bag and small round nozzle

Chocolate frosting
Royal icing
Piping bag and nozzle
Red lace sweet for tongue
Smarties or M & M’s for eyes
Giant Marshmallows

Black sugar

I will start with the easiest ones first which are the Spider, Ghost and Pumpkin. If you don’t want to make them all you can look at what you will need and choose the ones with similar ingredients to save time and money.

Bake a batch of cupcakes, whichever recipe you prefer and leave them to cool.

For the spider – Make up some normal icing (icing sugar and water as directed) and add some black food colouring.
Make a ball out of fondant (black if you can) then roll it into the black sugar until completely covered.
Cover the cupcake with the icing then immediately place the black ball into the middle.
Make some legs from fondant then with a wet paintbrush just brush the area you want to attach the legs to in a circular motion to make it sticky, now attach the legs.
Make the eyes and fangs from fondant and attach as above.
There done! If you want you could use liquorice for the legs instead of fondant.

For the Ghost – I made some mini cupcakes at the same time as making these cupcakes and used one to make the bump for the ghost! You can just mold another normal cupcake into shape if that easier.
Cover the cupcake with icing the make the ghost shape, smooth it out with butter cream frosting so when you put the fondant on it smooth and sticks.
Cut white fondant out with a large round cutter, you will have to use one bigger than the cupcake. Then place it over the lump you have made! Adjust the fondant so it’s even and has a nice frill.
Now add the eyes with either black fondant or royal icing. I’d say fondant is easier for this.

For the Pumpkin – Right for this you need some greaseproof paper and a template of the pumpkin, you can draw this on paper then trace it onto the greaseproof paper. You will need orange royal icing in a piping bag with a small round nozzle, place the greaseproof paper over the drawing then pipe the shape onto it, make sure you don’t make any part to thin or it will snap when you try to take it off. Make lots of these, it’s easy enough and you will have backup ones just in case any do break, these should be made the day before so they set properly.
Spoon orange butter cream onto the cupcake then either cover with orange and lemon sprinkles by turning upside down into a bowl of them or you can just do round the edges the same way.
Place the dried pumpkin very carefully into the top.

For the Bat – You will need to draw bat wings on paper with a black pen for a template then cover with greaseproof paper. I melted chocolate and with a tea-spoon went over the template! I know that sounds hard but if you use the back of the spoon to spread small amounts it will be fine. These take about half hour to set but the longer the better. When they have set use black royal icing in a piping bag with the smallest round nozzle to go round the edges and back to the middle, this is what makes them look good. The rest is the same as the spider really, cover with black frosting then black sugar and make the eyes and teeth from fondant.

For the Witches hat – Melt chocolate into a bowl and dip the cones in, stand them up and leave to set. Using a round cutter pour melted chocolate into it over greaseproof paper, not too much you just need the base of the witches hat, these don’t take long to set but if you are making a few you will have to keep the chocolate waiting to be used warm over a bowl of hot water to stop it setting. When that’s all ready, put green icing onto the cupcakes and then place the base on, add the cone onto it by using a bit of frosting inside the cone or icing round the edges. Use fondant to make the buckle ect or you can use royal icing! but fondant is easier.

For the werewolf – The trickiest of them all but one that are liked the most! You will need to cut a triangle from the middle of a giant marshmallow to make the shape of the snout and mouth, then line it with red lace sweet and put to one side. Cut two ear shapes from marshmallow for the ears, it doesn’t need to be perfect as it will all be covered. Now fill your piping bag with chocolate frosting, you can use butter cream or you can buy tubs of this. Attach the nozzle marked 67 depending on which ones you have! (shown in pic’s on left of others) stick the snout to the cupcake near the edge and the ears at the top the start working around then with the frosting moving in outward strokes. Lastly add the eyes and pipe the teeth with royal icing.


  • Keep chocolate warm.
  • Use royal icing quickly if it’s left out it will start to set.
  • When you put normal icing on the cupcakes make sure you add what ever you put on top quickly as it will set then crack when you put pressure on.
  • Put fondant into position then leave it as this will crack if you try to move it later.

I hope you enjoy making these and impress all your friends, if you have any questions please feel free to ask : ) Follow me for more cake tutorials



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