I solved the mystery of the peel away cupcake case

Before we start, that is a picture of Keanu Reeves eating a cupcake! Sadly it’s not one of mine or am I the cupcake!! But I thought this picture would be better than just a cupcake alone for today ; )

One of the problems I found when starting baking was cupcake cases peeling away from the cake after baking!
This is a big problem when doing batches of cupcakes for customers, It basically means starting over which can make you want to tear your hair out! I stressed for a couple of months with this problem and just couldn’t understand why it was happening, especially as when I started out all my cakes came out perfectly!

Was it the cases? The mixture? Baking time? I just couldn’t figure it out.

Firstly I blamed the cases as I bought them from different places and had so many I couldn’t tell them apart in the end. I didn’t know which came from where and when I tested them the results were inconsistent which soon ruled out that thought!

This left me more confused as I knew I hadn’t changed my recipe and the brand of any ingredients!
I looked through lots of forums, blogs and sites, no one seemed to know the answer!

The suggestions were things like:  Not putting enough mixture in the cases, over beating batter, fat content, the cases, the way they are stored, and many more.
I found that none of these were the reason. I don’t think it matters how much you beat the mixture, this will only effect the texture making it lighter or heavier. The cases I don’t think would be a reason unless you bough ridiculously cheap cases. Very cheap ingredients may not help. Storing in plastic containers keep the cakes a bit too moist and can be a cause the cases to peel away, making sure they have cooled completely will help.

My problem though was that the cakes came away almost immediately or at least within the hour.
So after experimenting in every way I could possibly think of I found the reason was baking time!!! for some reason along the way I had started to bake them for a little less time! Still cooked but not quite as well done! When I added a few extra minutes the baked perfectly again! I was kicking myself, such a simple solution! That extra time just sticks those edges down securing them and they don’t stick to much either, they peel away nicely when you want them too!

So my advice before you try all the other stuff is just add a bit more time.

Hope this helps someone as I was going mad trying to find help. Please feel free to ask any questions 🙂


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