Goth Doll Cake

I have been waiting for ages to do something goth but didn’t know what to do! I saw some doll cakes and thought that would be perfect! Just darken her up a bit and slap on some make-up and you got yourself a goth. I would have loved to have given her more detail and colour using airbrush colour but I don’t have one at the moment, when I do I will make a taller doll with a longer dress like Emily from the film The Corpse Bride by Tim Burton.   This is one of the dolls from Wilton, you can buy different styles on their website, I have also seen people use whole dolls or take the legs off of their barbies! I personally wouldn’t do either of them, you don’t want to take up room in the cake anyway. I used my own make-up on her face with a paint brush.

I will do a post when I make the other doll.



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