Making Wood with Fondant

Today I tried out making a wood effect plank with fondant/sugar-paste. It is actually quite easy and a great idea to put on a large cake, of course you could make mini ones too. I will personalize them by pipping names and messages on them.

To make the brown I used ivory food colour gel with a tiny bit of black or very dark green! I tried other ways but this was a lot easier and I had ivory already.

I did the one on the right first, I can’t decide which I like best! The one on the left looks older I think.

If you have any questions on this the please feel free to ask, The tutorial will be in the tutorial section which is coming soon.



2 thoughts on “Making Wood with Fondant

  1. Hi,
    I really love your work. You’re very talented. I would love to know how you created the wood grain effect on the fondant. I have to make a log cabin cake and would appreciate as much insight as I can get in terms of the wood grain effect. Thank you. I would really appreciate it

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