Sneak peek of some Halloween cupcakes

Just a sneak peek at some Halloween cupcakes, thought I better plan ahead as it’s only a month away! There are more to come so keep a look out. I will put instructions on how to make them at some point in my ‘How to’ section which I will be doing soon.

Ghost and Spider Halloween Cupcakes


4 thoughts on “Sneak peek of some Halloween cupcakes

  1. Hi there, I absolutely love all the decorations that you put on your cakes! They are so beautiful! As an ameture baker myself I was wondering how your cupcakes come out flat as in the picture of this post? I didn’t know if you have a questions section so I thought I would ask here. Thank you for your time, all the best x x x

  2. Hi following on from my previous question i was just wondering where you got your cupcake cases from? thank you for your time once again best wishes x x x

  3. Hi, Courtney
    Thank you for your lovely comments : )
    It was a lot of trial and error, People will probably tell you different things but in my opinion it’s all about temperature. When I first made cupcakes I baked them at gas mark 5, these peeked ( although they looked cool as they were marble effect ones ) they were not suitable or frosting. So I tried gas mark 4 for slightly longer and they came out perfectly! You have to make sure you don’t put too much mixture in too though, it may look like there is not enough but they rise more than you think. WAIT, you will probably think after ten minutes that they are not raising enough and be tempted to turn it up! just wait, they will rise. Just don’t open the door!
    I learnt all this the hard way as I am quite impatient!
    Please feel free to comment on my posts, that’s why I do them.
    Sarah x

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