Don’t Under Estimate a Cupcake Case

In a world where image is everything, cupcakes don’t escape this!

If you spend all your time creating a beautiful masterpiece, decorating the top to perfection but you have used a bad quality case you will be more than just annoyed when it starts to fall away from the sides.
There are many cooking errors that can cause this but sometimes it is the cases, make sure you buy good quality ones that keep their shape and colour, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot you just need to find the right supplier.

Match your cases! If you are using two different colours then make sure the compliment each other. Make sure your cases go with the theme and the colour of your frosting, you will be amazed how fantastic they can look with a little bit more thought. Try white cases with white frosting!! This looks great for the more elegant cupcakes, multi coloured for parties, dark and dark for chocolate cupcakes and so on.

Have fun

Baking Maid


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